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The London Road Gateway Project Bath aims to improve the public realm of the stretch of London Road, between Cleveland Place junction, and Morrisons Supermarket.

Bath based artist Jane Veveris Callan has been commissioned by Bath and North East Somerset Council to create decorative designs to go onto the tree planters, and grilles that will form part of the improvements.

Jane collaborated with Alan Summers and Karen Hoy of Call of the Page, formerly known as 'With Words', to work with the community, gathering local history and stories as words, with haiku and renga poems, which have informed her resulting designs.

This blog has been created to share some of the creative process.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tree Grilles

The tree grilles that fit around the bases of the trees in the central reservation have been fitted. The CorTen steel has rusted very quickly, being exposed to the weather on the horizontal plain.

The trees are small leaved Limes 'Tilia Cordata - Streetwise'. 

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